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Loving Anna's  e-book release date was September 2008.  You can now buy the paperback at or Barnes & Noble     

I hope my readers fall in love with the main characters of this book as I did while writing it.    Anna and Andrew, brother and sister, are shocked when unexpectedly informed they are descendants of the people of Garr from another world.  A people on the brink of extinction due to germline manipulation.   They struggle to  accept the unbelievable story revealed to them.   Now, they are expected to travel from earth to another world.  Can they leave earth and all they have known behind to face the unknown?  The year two thousand and seven is a turbulent year for brother and sister, a year in which decisions made will lead them to heartache, loss, and eventual understanding that love conquers all. 

Always and Forever (Rated 4 books!) is a sequel to Loving Anna, however, I believe it can be read as a stand alone book.  When Rowan was born to Andrew and Charlee in Loving Anna, I couldn't help but wonder, would a child of complete human origin be accepted by a people who were fighting extinction of their own kind? 

Rowan a child of Andrew's faces prejudice and betrayal by the people of Garr.  After leaving the village he was raised in at the age of eighteen, can he trust the woman that twelve years later says she loves him, or will she betray him as did Fern?

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